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Updated: 07/07/2023

Data required for loading into nizima LIVE

Place all of the following data files in a single folder.

  • .moc3
  • .model3.json
  • .physics3.json
  • Texture folder (Recommended texture size: 2048 × 2048 px or smaller)
  • .live.json (Optional nizima LIVE settings file)
  • Thumbnail (Optional. When not present, a thumbnail will be generated automatically in nizima LIVE.)
File name: “ico_XXX” Note: XXX indicates the item name.
Supported formats: .png, .jpeg
Recommended size: 184 × 184 px

For a detailed explanation of each data type, please see Live2D Cubism Editor Manual: Embedded Data page.

Example file configuration

Items that can be used in modeling

The following four Live2D items can be used in Live2D modeling with Live2D Cubism Editor.

Parameter information used by a model with attached item

The model and item are linked by a common ID, and the item parameters are operated.
Example: When the ID set for angle X of a character model is “ParamAngleX,” and the “ParamAngleX” ID is set for a Live2D item, the value of “ParamAngleX” operates in the same way when the item is attached to the character model.


The parameter ID is fixed (ParamBreath) and the parameter only supports the form 0 – 1.



It is possible to expand the graspable area of the item without changing its appearance.
For an item you want to float above wings, the head, or something else, using HitArea will allow the item to track the model even when it is separated from the model.

Other notes

Clipping, mask inversion, and addition and multiplication of blending methods can all be used in the same way as an ordinary Live2D model. The effects of addition and multiplication are applied to other models.

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