Updated: 07/07/2023

Newly created expression files, exp3.json (expression files) and motion3.json (motion files) associated with model3.json are listed.
Click the ▽ button to the right of each item to set shortcut keys and other settings.

Edit expression (Expression column only)
You can edit parameters and fade-in/fade-out settings of the selected expression.
Motion mode (Motion column only)
Plays the motion only once without repeating it.
Plays the motion repeatedly.
Set an idling motion that will automatically play when no motion is selected.
Note: If Idle is selected for multiple motions, the motions for which Idle is selected will be played at random.
Display name
You can change the display name on nizima LIVE.
Enter any shortcut key and press “Save.” Expressions/motions are reflected in the model by simply pressing corresponding keys on the keyboard.
Deletes an expression/motion from the list.
Those associated with model3.json cannot be deleted.
Create new expression/edit new custom model
Create or edit expressions (exp3.json) within nizima LIVE.
Expression/motion data loading
Loads expression (exp3.json)/motion (motion3.json).
  • Display varies with each model.
  • Please contact the model author for the settings file (exp3.json, motion3.json).

New Registration/Editing of Expressions

Adds an expression value to the current value using the calculation method of addition, multiplication, or overwriting.
Display physics parameters
By default, the parameters set for physics operations are hidden.
Click on “Display physics parameters” to display them.
Set the timing (in milliseconds) for switching expressions.
1 ms = 0.001 sec
Creates and saves a new exp3 file.
Create under a different name
This is displayed when editing. The expression being edited is not modified and is saved under a different name.
Overwrite and save
This is displayed when editing. Overwrites the expression being edited and saves it.
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