Collaboration function

Create your own collaboration room or join a collaboration room created by another user.

  • If you are using the nizima LIVE free plan, the collaboration functions have a 5-minute time limit.
    Please see Pricing Plans for more information, including a comparison of features with paid plans and a price list.
  • You cannot collaborate between users with versions prior to 1.1.0 and version 1.1.0 or later.
    Please use compatible versions for all collaboration participants.
    Latest nizima LIVE version download page
  • The maximum number of room participants is 8.
  • Voice requires the use of a separate calling application or other means.

Common Room Setting Items

User name

The name displayed to participants in the collaboration room.

Send model data

If checked, the Live2D model data of the displayed name will be sent and the participant will be able to display your Live2D model. (check recommended)
When multiple models are displayed, the currently selected model is selected as the model to be sent.
If unchecked, only tracking data will be sent to participants.

Select tracking

Select the camera to be used during the collaboration.


Select only if “Send model data” is not checked.

Creating a Room

The room ID input field is not displayed; the ID will be displayed after the room is created.

Create a room

Create a collaboration room.

How to Create a Room

Joining a Room

Room ID

Enter the room ID received separately from the collaboration room creator.


Participate in the collaboration room.

How to Enter the Room

Behavior of Items during Collaboration

When an item is linked to a model that is being sent in a collaboration, the item and its movements are shared with the collaboration partners. Items not linked to a model will not be shared.
In addition, the items of the collaboration partners cannot be manipulated.

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