Item List

Updated: 07/07/2023

You can register and manage items and place them in windows.
Click the Item list icon to open the Item list window.

Live2D items tabManages a list of Live2D items (supported format: model3.json).
Animation items tabManages a list of animation items (supported formats: gif, sequentially numbered png folder, sequentially numbered jpeg folder).
Note: In the case of sequentially numbered folders, even folders with a mixture of png and jpeg files can be played back.
Still image items tabManages a list of still image items (supported formats: png, jpeg).
+ buttonRegisters the item.
Registered items are stored under <app settings folder >/items.
Find additional materialsOpens nizima in your browser.
Add itemsPlaces the currently selected item in the window.
CancelCloses the window.

By dragging and dropping item data directly into the main window, items can be temporarily placed without registering them in nizima LIVE.

Registered item settings

Item nameRename the item.
Item descriptionChange the item description.
ThumbnailsYou can set and change the image to be used as a thumbnail. (Recommended size: 184 × 184 px)
If there is a file with the name “ico_xxx.png” in an item folder, that image is displayed.
When “ico_xxx.png” is not present, an automatically generated thumbnail is displayed by default for Live2D items (only items registered in nizima LIVE), animation items (all items), and still image items (all items).
Physics scale
Note: Live2D items only
Set the scale of the physics operation between 0%-100%-200%.
If the Live2D item does not have physics (.physics3.json), this will be disabled.
Breathing speed
Note: Live2D items only
As with the model settings, set the numerical playback speed for the breathing parameter in ms.
Parameters with the ID of ParamBreath (old style PARAM_BREATH) are automatically selected, and if the Live2D item does not have a breathing parameter, this will be disabled.
Note: Animation items only
Set the animation playback speed.
FavoriteClick on the ★ symbol in the upper left corner of an item to register it as a favorite, and it will appear first in the list.
× buttonDeletes registered items from nizima LIVE.

Loading and Saving Registered Items

Click “…” in the upper right corner of the Item list window to display the load/save menu.

Load item settingsLoads each item in the “Registered item settings” saved in .live.json format.
SaveOverwrites and saves each item in “Registered item settings” in .live.json format.
Save asSaves each item in “Registered item settings” under another name in .live.json format.
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