nizima LIVE Sample Model Terms of Use

Updated: 02/20/2024

To use the following sample models in nizima LIVE, you need to agree to the “nizima LIVE Sample model terms of use” (this page) and the “nizima LIVE Software License Agreement.”

Target sample modelsArisa Hiiragi/Emi/Moeko/Mayumi/Kazuya/Koharu/Haruto/Chitose/Hijiki/Wankoromochi/Nijiiro Mao/face sample

Regardless of how the models are used, please post a notice stating “nizima LIVE Sample model in use” in an easily visible manner on the website, video broadcast service, or application sales store from which the model is downloaded or published.

The following expressions, words, and actions are not allowed when using these sample models.

  • Expressions that significantly disrupt the original balance of the body
  • Erotic or obscene expressions, words, and actions that would be considered rated R
  • Violent, offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory expressions, words, and actions
  • Expressions, words, and actions that incite or encourage criminal acts
  • Grotesque expressions
  • Expressions, words, and actions that contain political or religious allegations

You may not sell, distribute, or publish 2D or 3D models, 2D illustrations, or figures created by using, appropriating, or deforming the design of these sample models with software made by other companies. However, you may distribute and publish 2D and 3D models created with other companies’ software or 2D illustrations drawn with other companies’ software when you use models created with Live2D in your website, service, or application.

Note: If you are a corporate customer and wish to use these sample models for commercial purposes, please contact the support desk with the comment field shown below.
Note: “nizima LIVE Sample model terms of use” are subject to change at Live2D’s sole discretion. In principle, the latest version of the terms of use shall apply to your use of nizima LIVE sample models.

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