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This is Live2D Cubism It will be a tutorial site.
detailed Cubism Product introduction of "Official site" Please refer to.

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Tutorial list

Learn with shapes Live2D Basic tutorial Template Tutorial
Learning with graphics Live2D (1 all courses) Basic tutorial (6 courses in all) Template Tutorial (1 course)
It explains the structure of Live2D.
It's for people who want to know what tools Live2D is.
I will explain in more detail with process-specific videos.
It's for those who want to learn Live2D.
Use the template function of Live2D to model Explain how to make it.






Live2D Glossary  Tips for Motion Quality Up Convenient functions introduction
Artmesh Ya Deformer Such,
Live2D terms with images and text
It is a page that explains easily.
 For those who wish to add motion for the first time, it is stated "What to conscious". Cubism Introducing useful functions.
Recommended for those who have learned basic operations.


Sample Model Making Movie    
It is a making movie of sample model "Nagareboshi". You can see a series of model production process.    

◀  Cubism You can also download the latest Editor from here


  Cubism manual
Use this as a reference if you have something you want to know about a specific function and want to understand it more deeply.
Made by Live2D Sample model Can also be downloaded from the manual.
Live2D community
Users are asking questions and introducing what they made.
Let's ask questions if you are not sure where you are looking at the tutorial manual.


[Precautions when exporting models]
Cubism Live2D models created with Editor 3.3 or later Cubism The phenomenon that the model cannot be read occurs in the third-party application that is not supported after 3.3.
Products used Cubism Please make sure that it is compatible with the 3.3 model.
" Cubism 3.3 Notes on updating "


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