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Purpose of Alpha Version

The purpose of the alpha version is to allow creators to evaluate the usability and performance of the product and reflect them in order to provide a better product when released.
You are free to publish and share your work created using this SDK on social networking sites. However, please be sure to comply with the respective license agreement.
We also provide a Live2D GitHub issue as a place for you to give us feedback. You will need to register for a GitHub account to provide feedback.
Please take this opportunity to download the Cubism 4 SDK for Cocos Creator alpha version. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Notes on Using the Alpha Version

  • The features and specifications of the alpha version are subject to change without notice.
  • Some functions may not yet be implemented, operation may be unstable and behave unexpectedly, or compatibility of created files may be lost due to bugs or specification changes.
  • The alpha version will be terminated as soon as the beta version is available. Support for the alpha version will also be terminated.

We ask that you please fully understand the purpose of the alpha version before using it.

License Agreement

Please be sure to read this section before using the product.
Note: You will be deemed to have agreed to the entire agreement upon downloading the software.

Live2D Proprietary Software License Agreement

Live2D Open Software License Agreement


R1 beta1 was released on 03/14/2023.
The alpha version will soon be closed to the public, so please download and use the beta version.

Cubism 4 SDK for Cocos Creator R1 alpha 1 download

Manuals and Update History

Please unzip the downloaded package and check the doc folder or pdf.

Feedback and Bug Reports

Please submit all issues to the Live2D GitHub repository issue or Pull Request.
Note: We will not respond to submissions in this category or via the inquiry form.

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