Cocos Creator For OW

Updated: 03/14/2023

This page is for Cubism version 4.2 or earlier. Click here for the latest version.

Click here for more information on Original Workflow (“OW”).


By adding components for OW, you can now express like OW without changing the overall feel of the SDK.

To check the functionality of OW, use the Viewer for OW included with Editor.

OW Mode import differs from non-OW Mode import in the following four ways.

  • The editor extension adds an editor menu for OW Mode in Cocos Creator.
    • “Live2D/Cubism/OriginalWorkflow/Toggle should Import As Original Workflow
      This item is for switching to OW Mode.
      Importing model data with this item enabled will create an OW-compliant model.
    • “Live2D/Cubism/OriginalWorkflow/Should Clear Animation Curves”
      This item is for clearing the curve of the AnimationClip.
      Reimporting a motion with this item disabled will generate it by overwriting the existing AnimationClip.
      If this item is checked and motion is reimported, all AnimationCurves set in the existing AnimationClip will be cleared before overwriting the motion.
      This function is available only when “Live2D/Cubism/OriginalWorkflow/Should Import As Original Workflow” is checked.
  • The following OW components will be attached.
    • CubismUpdateController
    • CubismParameterStore
    • CubismPoseController
    • CubismExpressionController
    • CubismMotionFadeController

The Opacity curve set in the AnimationClip is processed for OW.
The .fade, fadeMotionList, .exp, and .expressionList assets are added to the project.

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