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Updated: 09/20/2023

This page contains statements regarding the beta version.


Cubism SDK MotionSync Plugin is a plug-in for using motion-sync with Cubism SDK.
For more information on motion-sync, see the Live2D Cubism Manual.

CRIWARE for Games
“CRIWARE (R)” by CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is used for this software.
About CRIWARE (R) Licensing

CRI Lipsync used in the MotionSync Plugin is licensed by Live2D, so the MotionSync Plugin is available royalty-free and does not require the CRIWARE logo.
The license for the Cubism SDK MotionSync Plugin is governed by the Live2D Proprietary Software License Agreement and the Live2D Open Software License Agreement.

License Agreement

Download the Cubism SDK MotionSync Plugin.
Please read the “Live2D Proprietary Software License Agreement” and the “Live2D Open Software License Agreement.”
You will be deemed to have agreed to the above license agreements upon downloading this software.


Cubism 5 SDK MotionSync Plugin for Unity R1 beta1 Download


See the article in the “SDK MotionSync Plugin” in the side menu.

Update History

See included in the distribution package or on the Live2D GitHub.


Feedback and Bug Reports

Please submit all issues to the Live2D GitHub repository issue or Pull Request.
Note: We will not respond to submissions in this category or via the inquiry form.

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