4.0-beta.1 (2019/09/04)


  • Add method for Moc file version.
  • Support new Inverted Masking features.
  • Add .editorconfig and .gitattributes to manage file formats.
  • Add CHANGELOG.md.
  • Add way to create a simpler local server.
  • Add sample model /Sample/TypeScript/Demo/Resources/Rice.


  • Upgrade Core version to 04.00.0000 (67108864).
  • Convert all file formats according to .editorconfig.
  • Rename cubismrenderer_WebGL.ts to cubismrenderer_webgl.ts.
  • What was CubismSdkPackage.json is currently being changed tocubism-info.yml.
  • Upgrade all dependency packages and lock package version by adding package.lock.json.
  • Update README.md.
    • Delete guidance from README.md due to suspension of Cubism Bindings.
  • Update .gitignore.


  • Fix issue with reloading model images in WebKit.

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