Notes (4_R1)

(Updated 2020/06/03)

The contents described here are "Live2D Cubism 4 AE Plugin R1'' It will be a commentary on.

This section provides notes on using the After Effects plug-in.


If you have beta4_1 or earlier installed

If the previous version (beta4_1) is installed, the following error message may appear.

After Effects Warning: A duplicate effects plug-in is installed on the drive.
To avoid the problem, quit After Effects and move or delete the old version or the unnecessary version. "

C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe After Effects CC 2019 \ Support Files \ Plug-ins Cubism As there is a link to the folder that contains the plug-in
Delete the link to the folder named "Live2D". (Refer to the red mark in the figure below)



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